Contacts List Pro

The most powerful Contact List / Address Book Management and Groups App available in the App Store

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Free to download (in-app purchases available)

Why use Contacts List Pro

Simple Management

-Create Groups for friends, co-workers, family etc
-Add fun icons for your groups
-Sort contacts by date/time created
-BEST way to manage duplicate contacts + merge duplicate contacts
-Update contacts right in our app

Better Communication

-Text or Email your Grouped contacts
-Responses of group contacts can come back to you only
-Contacts do not need to have the app (many people do not use SNAP or get emails because of spam)
-Personalize group text with names
-Attach images or gifs

Quick Searching

-Search within groups by any attribute
-Set reminders for planned group/individual texts
-Build lists of people to contact together

Who uses Contacts List Pro?

Brand new version of Contacts List Pro to better help you connect with Family, Friends and Co-workers

Business owners

As a small business owner, you have 10s if not 100s of clients and you want to send group messages without sharing everyone's contact information. Contacts+Groups app allows you to do exactly that!


As a manager, you may have to send out many individual text messages to your staff. Contacts+ gives you the capability of setting up a group of your staff and to send out group messages easy.

Friends and family

Group chats without having to all download the same app is great.

Event organizers

When you have several hundred people you need to communicate with Contacts+ make mass texting or emailing a breeze.

Simple, transparent pricing.

In-app purchases

Remove ads

Use our app without annoying ads

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        Real Reviews

        Great app!

        I previously used another app to manage my contact groups, but it didn't support the current iOS. This app actually replaces 3 apps I used regularly on my iPhone and IPad, as it also allows you send group texts and emails from within the app. It has everything I was looking for. — PacPolin

        One of the five apps I use daily

        I enjoy "Contacts+", and I use it daily to manage communications with over 70 employees, vendors, family and friends. — Art-os11

        Very useful

        I have used this for over 6 months and find it a worthy product. — questable

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